Is PoC System Secure Enough for Industry Users
Author : Caltta Technologies    Time : 2021-05-20    Source :

The rapid development of wireless communication technology and the exponential growth of  Internet have brought both opportunities and challenges to PMR (Professional Mobile Radio) networks. PMR users are no longer satisfied with traditional narrowband voice services and have raised more demands for broadband data services. This makes broadband systems such as PoC (Push-to-talk over Cellular) and B-TrunC, gradually become inclined choices for users who require data service for these daily operations. Nevertheless, unlike the public, PMR users are still very concerned about network security & reliability. They are concerned whether the broadband systems can be as trustworthy as the traditional narrowband PMR networks. 

Nowadays PoC is the most cost-effective choice for users from various industries who require seamless voice communications and data services, and its security is always the 1st priority to concern. This article discusses in depth the security & reliability of eChat, Caltta's PoC system, and shows you a remarkable and unique secure PoC system.

What you will learn

  • Why are PMR users so concerned about cyber security?

  • How many security layers does PoC system have?

  • Which aspects of service security need to be considered?

  • Can PoC also support end-to-end service encryption?

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