New TCCA White Paper Raises Concerns Around Mission Critical User Access to Commercial Networks
Connection is the lifeline, download the latest white paper from TCCA to further discover what is going on for Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) and commercial network operators (MNOs) of provide either full or partial PPDR services.
Growth in Mobile Networks Will Bring in A New Era in Critical Communications
This Whitepaper show how improved coverage is creating new opportunities for push-to-talk over cellular technology. We predict it is just a matter of time before the first blue light service makes the switch to PTToC and others follow.
Land Mobile Radio/Long Term Evolution (LMR/LTE) Integration: Best Practices
SAFECOM and NCSWIC found that LTE is unlikely to replace LMR. Instead the two technologies are likely to merge.
New TCCA white paper discusses M2M network priorities
TCCA’s SCADA, Smartgrid and IoT Working Group has published a new white paper discussing the use of ‘next generation’ communications networks by utilities.
What Changes Can eChat Bring to Your Daily Operation
Traditional PMR networks and cellular networks are completely independent. However, from the past few decades, the wireless communication technologies are developing rapidly, the cost of public network radios is declining, and work-forces are moving more frequently, all these make Push-to-Talk services based on the carrier's network become a viable choice for more and more industry users. Nowadays, Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) is the most cost-effective choice for industry work-forces who require seamless team communications and data services.
Is PoC System Secure Enough for Industry Users
Nowadays PoC is the most cost-effective choice for users from various industries who require seamless voice communications and data services, and its security is always the 1st priority to concern. This article discusses in depth the security & reliability of eChat, Caltta's PoC system, and shows you a remarkable and unique secure PoC system.
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