RugGear RG880

The ultra-sturdy and thin body and unique appearance design make RG880 perfectly meet the needs of enterprise digitalization. A large PTT key, SOS key and two further customizable side keys makes it the perfect tool for Mission Critical communication.

MCX Ready

Fingerprint Recognition

Highly Performing Processor

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RG880 is the Rugged LTE Smartphone for Multi-Tasking and MCPTT, combined with an ultra-sturdy, slim design with a unique appearance, making it ideal for enterprise digitalization needs. Equipped with a large PTT key, an SOS key, and two additional customizable side keys, it is the perfect tool for mission-critical communications.

Key Features: 

Inovative loudspeaker design

We know the importance of powerful loudspeakers in emergency communications. For this reason we have designed the lower part of our device in an innovative way. We have created an angle and distributed the speakers to help with sound propagation of the 103 db loudspeaker when, during duty, the device is worn with its screen towards the chest.

Fingerprint recognition

We have added an extra layer of security, to maximise safety and protect sensible information: we have implemented a fingerprint reader in our RG880 so that data is safer and accessible only to the designated user. Fingerprint unlocking allows users who wear face protection to access data securely during critical missions.

Removable battery

The RG880 has been equipped with a Li-ion 4500 mAh battery. Listening to our customer requirements, the battery on this device can be removed and easily replaced. Unique to the RG880 is the fact that, even when the battery back cover is removed, the device stays sealed and the IP68 rating doesn't get compromise in any way.

Highly performing processor

The core of the RG880 is the Snapdragon® 680 4G Mobile Platform from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. Optimised for Push-to-talk, it's ready for MCPTT and compatible with 3GPP release 12.

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