Backpack Design, integrated system, the combination of quick-insert payload and software guarantee the accuracy of data of any solutions. The new intelligent power management module simplifies the user's workflow and is ideal for single controlled.

Modular Design

Light and Flexible

High Flight Safety

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Intelligent autonomy builds the future, with the continuous technical updates , our drones bring many actual benefits to our customers, including saving time and cost, getting more comprehensive data, keeping personnel safe.

Key Features

Vertical takeoff and landing, greatly reduce terrain dependence and adapts to most places.

Light and Flexible

The drone is less than 8 kg (plus packaging less than 25 kg), which is easy to carry by single person.

Outstanding Performance

4500m max take off attitude, 6000m max flight ceiling, 55min endurance, exposure delay within 10ms.

Modular design

Set up or take down in less than 2 minutes without any tools, get started quickly.

Fully Auto

One-button take-off and land, safe and simple, landing accuracy within 10cm.

High Efficiency

Single flight can finish 4 km2 of 1:500 scale, 6 km2 of 1:1000 scale, 12 km2 of 1:2000 scale.

RTK and PPK Function

This means centimeter-level autonomous vertical landing and high-precision POS data.

High Flight Safety

Dual GPS and Dual compass, it can smoothly switch to the backup unit if there is a fault.

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