GDU S400

S400 has industry-leading relay networking technology, support "One-Control -Two" (one remote controls two drones), "Two-Control-One" (two remote controls one drone) and "Star Networking" (multi-UAV linkage networking) modes. In the face of long-distance&obstacle crossing, such as mountains, buildings, and even areas without network, one piece of S400 drone is enough for signal relay, which can break through the operating boundaries of conventional drones and easily deal with complex terrain

63mins Max Flight Time

5000m Max Take-off Altitude

Level 7 Max Wind Resistance

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Key Features

63mins Flight Time

63mins long battery life brings more powerful working strength. Compared with traditional UAVs under performing the same amount of tasks, the number of battery swaps of S400 can be significantly reduced, effectively improving the efficiency of task execution.

PDL-1K Dual-sensor Camera

It adopts a 1K high-resolution self-developed infrared detector, which is 4 times the resolution of 640*512 infrared in the market, which is convenient for infrared detection under special environmental conditions. Defect detection and identification can effectively improve the infrared inspection level of high-voltage AC and DC transmission lines and thedefect identification accuracy of AI algorithm, which can be widely used in industries such as electric power inspection, oil pipeline inspection, and smart fire protection, it helps users to open efficient day and night operation modes.

1K Thermal Camera, Mega Pixels
Infrared effective pixels 1280×1024, industry-leading, providing valuable insights

Bigger Vision, More Efficient

Wide field of view, wider picture, any details can be catched at a glance

Metal Package, Accurate Temperature Measurement
It adopts a metal-encapsulated detector with higher imaging sensitivity, the equivalent noise temperature difference NETD≤30MK, the imaging is clearer, and the temperature measurement is clearer

Dual Channel, Day&Night Detection
Infrared and visible light dual channels, enabling 24-hour uninterrupted clear imaging

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