POCSTARS 3D IoT convergent communication and dispatch platform focuses on solving the problems of existing systems on the market, such as inaccurate indoor positioning and difficulty in detecting danger sources in advance. It is an intelligent communication and dispatching management platform that integrates various technologies such as convergent positioning and communication, 3D modeling, IoT, and AI.

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The platform helps users improve the efficiency and accuracy of decision-making and reduce management costs and operational risks. POCSTARS built the DEMO system on-site at IWCE, allowing customers to experience its various functions firsthand, and the demonstration received high praise from the audience.


The POCSTARS 3D IoT fusion communication command and dispatch platform boasts the following features:

  • All-round supervision and accurate convergent positioning: The platform enables all-around monitoring of people, equipment, sensors, and other IoT devices in the virtual 3D space. It supports accurate positioning, real-time dynamic sensing, and statistics of outdoor and indoor scenarios and provides users with efficient and accurate supervision and management.

  • Multi-dimensional data convergence and intelligent decision support: the platform fuses the form and data of objects, presenting the state and environmental information of objects in a live virtual 3D space. Users can more comprehensively understand the state of objects and environmental changes. Through the real-time collection and analysis of field data, the platform provides intelligent decision support to help users make the right decision quickly.

  • Convergent communication and immersive experience: The platform supports a variety of convergent communication methods such as voice, video, and data to meet the needs of different users. By establishing a realistic 3D space, users can immerse themselves and fully control the whole situation.

  • AI video intelligent analysis: The platform uses AI video intelligent analysis technology to monitor video in the designated space and automatically analyze, identify, and alarm the video in real-time to achieve more efficient video management and application. At the same time, the platform uses advanced encryption technologies and security management mechanisms, with a friendly and reliable interface, so that users can get started quickly and improve efficiency quickly.


POCSTARS 3D IoT convergent communication command and dispatch platform can be widely used in manufacturing, energy, chemical plants, ports, airports, hospitals, shopping malls, schools, scenic spots, and other fields to help users achieve digital transformation and upgrade and improve production efficiency and competitiveness.

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