Tactilon Dabat SC

Tactilon Dabat with Super Connectivity (SC) is a mission critical smartphone and a TETRA radio in one. It is a hybrid device because it can operate in two kinds of mobile networks: in any standard TETRA network on the 380–430 MHz frequency band in private and public broadband LTE networks.

Hybrid roaming

Smart roaming

Super Connectivity

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Like the original Tactilon Dabat, Tactilon Dabat SC is designed for professionals who need to make sure they stay connected. With Tactilon Dabat SC, they can rely on three networks: the TETRA network and a choice of private or public LTE network. The device will also know which of the broadband networks to prefer.

Key Features:

  • For demanding professionals. Tactilon Dabat SC is powered by a 4600 mAh battery, which is long-lasting and changeable. It is a rugged device, rated both IP65 and IP67.

  • Audio, images, video. The built-in audio processing functions let you hear others loud and clear. There is a still and video camera for capturing the action.

  • TETRA groups. Because it is a TETRA radio as well as a smartphone, you can use TETRA groups in the same way as your radio-carrying colleagues.

  • Position tracking. Mapping apps and positioning solutions let your dispatcher or control room know your location.

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