Avigilon H5A

The Avigilon H5A Dual Head Camera is a cost-effective and low profile dual-sensor camera that provides increased area coverage and IR illumination, helping to bring enhanced security for blind spots and hard to secure places such as hallways, stairwells, corner intersections, and parking lot entry and exit points.

Adaptive IR

Audio Recording

Extended Temperature Range

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Along with its small footprint, the H5A Dual Head Camera offers Next-Generation Video Analytic capabilities that further improve situational awareness by enabling security teams to respond swiftly to potentially critical events.

Key Features:


Provides increased area coverage, while minimizing blind spots for enhanced security with a single camera installation, for indoor and outdoor areas such as long hallways, L-shaped hallway intersections, stairwells to monitor both up and down staircases, or any application that requires the coverage of two cameras installed in close proximity with high imaging quality.


Detects more objects with expanded object classifications and greater accuracy for faster responses, even in crowded scenes. The H5A Dual Head camera’s analytic capabilities include expanded object detection and classification, support for Facial Recognition and Avigilon Appearance Search technologies to expedite real-time responses and forensic investigations, and Occupancy Counting and No Face Mask Detection to combat the spread of COVID-19.


As a dual-head sensor, sites can lower their overall deployment costs by reducing  camera count, network infrastructure, power and cabling,  installation labour, and VMS licensing costs.  

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