GLOBE Trekker 2.0

The GLOBETrekker™ 2.0 is the world’s most intelligent fly-away satellite terminal. With a modular architecture that enables easy component swapping in the field, a simple one touch interface, and intelligent LinkControl™ software for automatic satellite acquisition, the GLOBETrekker is both powerful and easy to use. Built to military specifications, with a suite of integrated modems or video encoders, and lightweight packaging compact enough for airline check in, operators rely on the GLOBETrekker for mission critical communications anywhere on the planet.



Easy to Use

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Key Features: 

LinkControl Software

Installed on every GLOBETrekker system, LinkControlTM software is the industry’s most intuitive and powerful suite of satellite pointing tools. With an intuitive GUI, LinkControl seamlessly integrates the various hardware components and automates the process of satellite acquisition. Users have full control of all integrated components including BUC, LNB, modem, or encoder modulators. Through user configured LinkProfiles and a customizable satellite almanac, LinkControl enables users to plan operations, rapidly deploy systems and conduct remote diagnostics. Features include:

  • Auto-acquire of satellite through a one-button software interface

  • Remote access from anywhere in the world via TCP/IP

  • Built In troubleshooting and resolution system

  • Closed loop power control to account for environmental variation


The GLOBETrekkerTM 2.0 is a battle tested fly-away terminal with unmatched durability. Currently deployed by militaries around the world, the GLOBETrekker includes all weather equipment enclosures (IP66 compliant) and for rapid deployment in uneven terrain. Tested to meet MIL-STD 810G standards, and packaged in IATA compliant airline cases, the GLOBETrekker is ideal for short notice military and commercial deployments, anywhere in the world.


With an intelligent, integrated design, the GLOBETrekkerTM2.0 is powerful and easy to use for operators of all experience levels. The system can be completely assembled without tools in mere minutes, and a one touch interface enables rapid, easy deployment. Auto- acquisition technology ensures accurate, consistent satellite acquisition and LinkControl’s software provides an intuitive user interface for setting up LinkProfiles and monitoring operation. Easy to set up and deploy, the GLOBETrekker leaves you free to focus on your mission.

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