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As a full-time video Director at DJI, you will be responsible for creating high-quality video productions. You will be working with a global network of film professionals and content creators to execute video projects for DJI. 

We are looking for individuals looking to push the boundaries in visual advertising, through disruptive technology and innovative creative thinking. This role is not about creating pretty pictures and it’s probably not the job you’ve imagined–it’s much more. It’s about pushing the boundaries of advertising for a company that has led the industry since the beginning. 

We need innovative creatives who are able to break beliefs, explore new possibilities, and remix ideas old and new. We leave our egos and emotions at the door and allow curiosity to lead us toward new revelations. We are the fearless, the passionate, the relentless. If you’re up for the challenge, we would love to hear from you. 

Responsibilities include

  • Ideating video strategy for campaigns 

  • Articulating visual and written language into a compelling creative proposal, with a clear video structure and creative approach. 

  • Articulate the creative vision and leverage external collaborators to create more efficiency in executing projects, as well as directing, shooting, and editing internally produced projects when necessary. Following through the campaign from beginning to end, communicating with all stakeholders, and pivoting/puzzle piecing as necessary to hit deadlines. 

  • Coordinating and transferring footage with internal and external collaborators and vendors to execute all deliverables at the highest quality possible on time and on budget.  

  • Work closely with internal producers, and various marketing teams to deliver assets and requests  

  • Delivering finished deliverables that are equivalent to or exceed industry standards.


  • 5~7 years of working experience in the industry (at least 2-3 years of commercial work) 

  • Capable of being an independent director and editing capabilities with high standards of creative output and planning. 

  • Familiar with client communication and production processes. 

  • Experienced with post-editing software, Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and After Effects, with motion graphic and color grading experience.  

  • Have good knowledge of various cinema & prosumer cameras, and have the ability to shoot independently. 

  • Ability to work under pressure with good professional ethics. 

  • Understands the importance of cross-departmental communication and coordination. 

  • Enthusiastic DJI product users are preferred. 

Compensation range: USD 70,000 - 150,000/yr


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