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Award-winning Securex South Africa once again proved its ability to attract industry professionals looking for security products and services to fulfil their risk mitigation needs. The expo is recognised as Africa’s largest destination event for the security industry and provides exhibitors with the opportunity to interact with a large proportion of their target market all under one roof.

As the ‘Smart’ revolution continues to gain momentum, organisations and residential estates are seeking solutions to make life easier, optimise operations, increase personal and asset security, and provide higher levels of employee and resident wellbeing and comfort.

Securex South Africa addresses these goals by presenting a wide variety of solutions tailored to meet every eventuality. And by co-locating Securex South Africa with A-OSH EXPO, Facilities Management Expo, and Firexpo, visitors save an immense amount of time and effort in their quest to find integrated solutions that work effortlessly and effectively together within installations of any size and magnitude.

As organisations adopt a future-proofed stance, it is imperative that they select technologies and services that complement all other business operation tools. Securex South Africa provides a platform from which providers of these security solutions can directly address a captive audience.

Let Securex help you show the market how your security solutions reflect the rapidly developing landscape that embraces smart technology, and how it integrates with other elements of the built environment.


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