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14-18 Oct, 2024

Dubai World Trade Centre

GITEX GLOBAL unifies the world’s most influential ecosystemsadvancing business, economy, society and culture through the sheer power of innovation.

The world’s largest, most inclusive tech & startup event unveils new worlds of promise – from the transcendent power of 6G to the vast virtual business ecosystems of the Metaverse – among many tech-powered revolutions and future-forward thinking. Step in. An unimaginable new digital universe awaits.


Among incredible new launches and cutting-edge developments in; 
5G, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud & Edge, Cybersecurity, Fintech, Blockchain, Data Analytics and Smart Cities, see what's new:


  • Celebrating the technical wizardry behind the digital revolutions – dive intothe largest developer engagement and empowerment meetup in partnership with Coders HQ. 

  • Talks with ingenious minds, certified trainings, workshops and career-jetting opportunities. 

  • Gathering ecosystem of coders & developers, to create the world’s most vibrant community network of technical minds, skills & talent. Showcasing the creative ingenuity behind the industry’s most ground-breaking technologies.


  • Metaverse like you’ve never ever seen – experience it from the world’s leading virtual world platforms, and global brands and government entities that have embraced the tech.

  • Launching the World’s largest curated Web 3.0 immersive journey to accelerate Dubai's vision of attracting 5000 metaverse companies over 5 years.

  • Access unique - never seen before - case studies of best-in-class Web 3.0 experiences.


  • In the race to net-zero and climate-preserving tech – see which global companies and innovators are ahead of the game and how.

  • It is to inspire responsible governments, businesses and society strategies through technology. A place for people-powered, tech-enabled ESG realities, with climate tech, green business and net zero goals.


  • Cyber leaders are in a critical position as the gap between business and security leaders widens. As per World Economic Forum Global Cybersecurity outlook, 87% of top executives are planning to improve cyber resilience at their organization.

  • Find out the 'crypto-nite' of Fintech hackers, how Middle East can be more cyber-resilient, investor-risk in cyber attacks and the lurking threats on social through leading security authorities and hackers on stage.

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