New Tait TM9000 Series Mobile Control Heads
Author : MCXTEND    Time : 2023-09-13    Source :

Tait solutions are designed for maximum flexibility, to be tailored to each customer’s needs. Accordingly, Tait TM9000 Mobile Radios have a wide range of control heads, microphones, speakers, and installation kits to suit a variety of different vehicles and types of operation.

Three new control heads are becoming available this year for use with Tait TM9000 DMR and P25 Mobiles. All three control heads have a bright, easy-to-read, high-resolution color display.

The TCH series control heads will be available to order with new radio packages, or can be fitted to existing TM9000 radio fleets to upgrade your user experience. They are compatible with both standard Tait microphones and Tait keypad microphones. With three different TCH models available, you can choose the best option to suit your organization’s budget and functional needs.

The TCH3 is a local mount control head with a built-in 4W speaker. It is compact, the same width as the TM9000 radio body that it attaches directly to. The user interface includes four programmable function keys (including two softkeys).

The TCH4 is a DIN-sized remote mount control head, also featuring a built-in 4W speaker. It has five programmable function keys (including two softkeys).

Like the TCH4, the TCH6 is also a DIN-sized remote mount control head, but swaps the built-in speaker for a built-in keypad. This requires an external speaker to be connected. The TCH6 also has five programmable function keys (including two softkeys).

The TCH3, TCH4, and TCH6 all feature an orange function key, which can be used as an easy-to-find dedicated emergency key. The TCH4 and TCH6 also feature a built-in covert microphone for use in emergency mode, an extra detail that provides peace of mind in the event that the main microphone becomes disconnected.

All Tait Control Heads – including the TCH series – work with external speakers, ensuring that workers in all areas of the vehicle don’t miss out on important communications. Tait has 10W standard external speakers or 15W rugged external speakers that can be connected to any TM9000 mobile radio to provide louder, clearer audio in high noise environments.

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